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It feels awesome being called “chef”!

So last time I posted on here I talked about working on my Bday at the new restaurant.  Well since the third week the chef had me doing line checks, making sure things were put away at the end of the night, doing prep lists for the other cooks.  Since I have been doing that now for awhile, my bosses have decided to make me the sous chef at Central Standard!

I……..well I……….yeah I am pretty freaked out about it!  I always thought it would take a long ass time for me to ever get a position like this. Needless to say most of the staff at work has been calling me chef.  Not going to lie, its going to take getting used to it.

Anyways that is it for now

and as always

love peace and good eats

Happy BIrthday!!!!!!!!

A year ago today I did a post about working on my birthday.  Today at my new job I worked and its my bday.  I was allowed to leave a little bit early which was a cool thing.

TOday I got a bunch of calls from family and friends.  Even my granny called me and started crying lol….love her!

So my new job; I am a saute/fry cook.  I am one of the lead cooks in the kitchen.  I am incharge of the staff when we close.  My boss told me a few days ago that I am showing a lot of potential.  We don’t have a sous chef and they are wanting to hire.  Between my boss and the executive chef, they are hinting at maybe hiring within the kitchen for the position.  I don’t know if I will get the position but I think its cool they considered me even if they do choose to hire someone else. 

Oh the trials of the restaurant industry

So today was suppose to be the grand opening at the place I am working at.  Well during mid service, the fire alarms started going off.  The building that is connected to the restaurant had a small fire.  The managers come in telling the cooks to shut everything off.  All the food that we were cooking had to be thrown out.  We were suppose to stay open until 11pm, but we ended up closing at 8pm. 

This is the 3rd time we had a grand opening with something happening.  They are pushing for another grand opening this coming monday.  So hopefully it will ACTUALLY happen.

HOT DAMN I haven’t been on here in a long ass time!!!!

Damn it has been a while huh?!?!?

It has been many months since I have posted/visited tumblr.  My old laptop would run extremely slow when I would get on here.  Also life had been the same so there wasn’t any need to blog about anything.  Granted there were some little hiccups (like walking out on manager and getting into an argument with him) but other than that life had been pretty much the same

I had put in my 2 weeks at my old job the end of July and ended up working until the first week of August. I started to pack and was on my way back to south Texas.   I made one trip to take some of my stuff to my parents house.  While there I went searching for some jobs and found nothing to my liking.  Most line cook jobs were only paying minimum wage.  I started to get so fucking discouraged.  So I made the decision to move BACK to Dallas and finish out the year here.  I still plan to move to San Antonio but I am not going to say when though.  It seems as if everytime I put a month or some kind of time frame of when I am moving, it never happens. 

I applied to a few places here in Dallas.  But the one that stood out for me was a new place that is opening up called Central Standard.  Its new American cuisine mixed with some Asian flair.  I have been working there for 5 days now and it has been awesome.  So far we only had one day of service (which was for a select few) and the other days was just prep.  The restaurant isn’t opened to the public yet, but soon it will be.

Funny thing about looking for another job, nearly every place I applied to wanted to set up interviews with me. I think I applied to 10 different places.  Its quite a change when I was in culinary school and looking for a job.  I applied to over 30 places and only did 3 interviews.  Talk about getting discouraged at the time.  I finally landed a job and was there for 20 months. 

I guess having more experience and not being in school is what is helping me.  I do have to say it felt pretty fuckin cool having my phone ring every day for job interviews instead of me waiting like a crazy person hoping my phone would ring.

So this is long already and that pretty much is what has gone on the last few months.  I am living out of my suitcase (too lazy to unpack lol) and debating on unpacking every fucking thing or just leave them packed until I do finally move from Dallas…no fucking clue.

Anyways this is getting longer (thats what she said?) and its late…

love peace and good eats my tumblr peeps!



i made sum pancakes

I thought this person was about to do heroine or something.

well I mean pretty sure that was the point


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So I have been neglecting Tumblr

I haven’t been on here as much.  Reasons being is that life is pretty much the same and tumblr makes my laptop run slow.  So anyways ON TO WHATS NEW!

Well nothing really lol.  Last time I posted, I said I had a job offer.  I ended up not taking it.  It was to be a sous chef at an new Mediterranean restaurant.  However the owner was being shady and to top it off some of the menu items consisted of chicken wings and frito pie„„„„„„fucking frito pie…..

After hearing the words FRITO PIE, I told them I wasn’t interested. So I’m still at the same place where I have been for 17 months.  Moved up as line cook, training of new staff and head caterer.  My plate has been getting filled and I am tired as fuck but I can honestly say I am happy with what I do. 

Also in a few months I will be leaving DFW.  It has been a long time coming.  I am eager to go back to south Texas.  But I am also sad that I will be leaving a lot of friends behind…most of which are my co workers.  I don’t want to think of the sadness of when I leave.  For now I plan to spend as much time as I can with them and get shit faced drunk!

Oh before I forget, before my posts consist of pics of stuff I have bought.  I have bought 2 new chef coats.  Actually I bought the second one a couple days ago. The first one Ive had for a few months and it looks like crap already since I have worn it  non stop.  Its my favorite!.  I bought both chef coats from www.comfortablechef.com.  They have real nice chef coats.  They are a bit pricy (paid $80 for each coat) but they are comfortable and durable.  I don;t have pics of them but you can visit their website.  It is under construction so the pics aren’t the best quality.  So check their website out and tell them John recommended you…no I don’t get a discount! lol…anyways until next time



and good eats

Today was my day off from work.  I was watching Kylie Kwong on vimeo.com and she cooked with Lotus root. I went to Hong Kong Market yesterday to buy my cleaver and saw the Lotus root.  So today I went to buy it along with the crab and some other stuff and did a stir fry.

One thing about the Lotus root, you have to peel it.  When you cut the ends off, there is some weird “hair” when you pull the ends off.  It is somewhat fibrous, but if you braise it, it gets real tender.

I ate this whole plate (don’t judge lol).



and good eats

Been thinking a lot

I did a catering event a couple days ago with my boss.  The event was for Autism and the guest speaker was Temple Grandin.  I thought it was pretty awesome serving her food.  I only wished we could of stayed to listen to her talk.

Anyways, after I got home, my aunt had asked me if I was getting paid more for caterings.  I told her that no I don’t, unless we are just dropping food off and leaving.  After telling her that she got upset and told me that I “NEED” to start my own business.  Either a catering business or a restaurant that caters.  She even said she would talk to a friend of hers to see if he wanted to invest.

When I was in culinary school, I had to do projects where I had to come up with a menu and a name for my restaurant.  It planted a small seed into my mind about opening up my own place.  But really I don’t have a freakin clue on how to open up a restaurant.  Plus I just want to cook.  The business side of it does NOT interest me a bit.  I remember telling a friend that if….IF I was going to do this, I would have to get a general manager who would be in charge of running the whole place other than the kitchen. Let me run the kitchen and you run everything else! I don’t know if that is realistic or not.

Truth be told, I am fucking TERRIFIED opening up a place.  But this has been running through my mind the past few days.  So we shall see…..

So it has been a long time since I have posted.  On January 26th, I had my graduation ceremony.  I don’t have any pics, well I DO but my mom hasn’t upload them to her computer.

It was a surreal moment when I was walking down the aisle of the church the ceremony was held at.  We walked to the Olympics theme song…lol…The ceremony lasted maybe an hour and a half.  Was upset that 3 classmates didn’t show up.  I am pretty sure they couldn’t get the day off for it. 

After the ceremony my family threw a dinner for me and we spent the day just hanging out.  My parents, brother, sister, her fiance, cousin and nephew came from south Texas to north Texas for my graduation.  My sister, brother, fiance and nephew even came by to my restaurant for a quick visit and bite to eat before they went out.

When my family was getting ready to leave for south Texas, I was sooooo tempted to leave with them.  But I didn’t give into temptation since I have a job offer coming in March.  So my plan to leave North Texas to San Antonio in April will be put off for a few months.

When the job is OFFICIAL I will post about it more

until them

love peace & good eats